Piec konwekcyjno-parowy TOWER HT2061E Hobart

tower 2061

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Piec konwekcyjno-parowy TOWER HT2061E Hobart

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HOBART combi steamer series and dry steam steamer as tower combination in one unit: Two cooking techniques in one unit. The two devices in a combination allow quality even when used quickly in the kitchen.




Gentle, healthy cooking: steaming, stewing or blanching

3 different pressure levels 0 / 0.5 / 1 bar for individual adjustment to the food

Extremely short cooking times

Individual temperature program (TP) as standard 50 ° C – 99 ° C

Electronically controlled program sequences

Standard built-in evaporation with vapor condensation




Recommended water hardness 0 – 3 ° dH

Overall connection value – Factory (Jet) COMBI: 9.3 kW | 14,3 A / GTP: 18,2 kW | 25,3 A

Workplace related emission value <70 dB (A)

flow pressure 2 – 10 bar




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