Call Center

Call Center was created especially for a comprehensive service for our clients who expect rapid and complete information on the implemented services. The competent staff and modern technological facilities, enable rapid acquisition and transfer of information with available means of communication (telephone, SMS, e-mail, website messengers).
Our staff supported by specially designed service program and appropriate technical and data transmission facilities attend to an average of 300 service orders per day. Hotline operates weekdays 8 to 16, other hours and days off from work through an answering machine. We can quickly adjust working hours of operators and answering machine to the needs of each client. Applied in our Call Center computer systems enable:

– entering requests directly by the client,
– on-line access to the program and the possibility to check the status of orders,
– access to a database of all orders with full statistics,
– integration of computer program with GSM systems to obtain immediate information on executed orders by SMS,
– flexibility of the computer program in terms of fitting to the client’s individual needs